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Speakers corner 29 February 2024

EERA CCS Insights: Unveiling Europe's Path to Carbon Neutrality

EERA CCS Insights: Unveiling Europe's Path to Carbon Neutrality

In the latest edition of our "EERA CCS Insights" series, we delve into the landmark announcement of the European Union's Industrial Carbon Management (ICM) Strategy. This pivotal moment marks the culmination of years of advocacy, research, and collaboration within the CCS community, spearheaded by the European Energy Research Alliance's Joint Programme on Carbon Capture and Storage (EERA CCS).

A Strategy Unfolds

The ICM Strategy serves as a testament to Europe's commitment to a carbon-neutral future. With ambitious targets set for 2030, 2040, and 2050, the strategy outlines a roadmap for capturing 50 million tons of CO2 annually by 2030, escalating to 450 million tons by 2050. This bold initiative underscores the EU's dedication to decarbonizing its economy, with a keen focus on research and innovation (R&I) to bridge the gap between current capabilities and future aspirations.

The Role of EERA CCS

As the leading voice in Europe's CCS research landscape, EERA CCS is poised to play a crucial role in advising and guiding R&I activities essential for achieving the strategy's objectives. Our community's expertise and ongoing projects are integral to identifying and addressing the knowledge gaps that must be filled to advance CCS technologies.

During a recent webinar led by Marie Bysveen, the Coordinator of EERA CCS, the essence of the ICM Strategy was explored in depth. Bysveen highlighted the strategy's focus on industrial carbon management, emphasizing the need for a unified research effort to meet its ambitious targets. The discussion also underscored the importance of collaboration among EU countries, companies, and research institutions to foster innovation and reduce costs.

The SET Plan: Europe's Blueprint for Energy Innovation

The SET Plan, established in 2007, is Europe's research and innovation blueprint to accelerate the development and deployment of low-carbon technologies. It aims to boost the EU's global competitiveness, reduce energy costs, and increase energy security, all while contributing to the overarching goal of climate neutrality.

Marie Bysveen emphasized the importance of the SET Plan as the R&I tool to deliver the ICM Strategy. As a formal actor within this framework, EERA CCS is positioned at the forefront of advising and shaping research and innovation activities crucial for advancing carbon capture, transport, and storage technologies. Bysveen highlighted several key points regarding the SET Plan's role in this context:

  • Coordinated Research Efforts: The SET Plan promotes cooperation among EU countries, companies, and research institutions, helping to coordinate national research efforts towards developing strategic energy technologies.
  • Targeted Innovation Activities: The Plan outlines specific R&I activities needed to support the implementation of the ICM Strategy, from optimizing integrated capture systems to advancing CO2 transport and storage solutions.
  • Engagement and Collaboration: EERA CCS's involvement in updating the CCUS SET Plan underscores the importance of community engagement in shaping the research agenda. The collaborative effort among stakeholders is vital for identifying and addressing research gaps.

Looking Ahead

As we chart our course towards carbon neutrality, the ICM Strategy's emphasis on R&I signals a pivotal shift towards a more sustainable and competitive European economy. EERA CCS's involvement in updating the CCUS SET Plan and our formal role in advising on R&I priorities place us at the heart of Europe's green transition.

The insights shared in the webinar not only shed light on the strategy's goals but also call on our community to think critically about the R&I activities needed to fulfill these ambitions. From capture technologies tailored for specific industrial sectors to the development of standards for interoperability within transport networks, the breadth of research opportunities is vast.

Join the Conversation

As EERA CCS continues to navigate the evolving landscape of carbon capture and storage, we invite our members and the broader scientific community to contribute their expertise and insights. Together, we can shape a future where carbon neutrality is not just a goal but a reality.

Stay tuned for more updates and discussions in our "EERA CCS Insights" series, where we bring the latest developments and breakthroughs in CCS research to the forefront.

This webinar is part of an ongoing series hosted by EERA CCS. The series is one of the many benefits of being a member of our joint programme, fostering a dynamic environment where researchers, academics, and industry professionals can discuss, challenge, and enhance their understanding of critical topics in the field. This consistent exchange of knowledge and ideas through such webinars contributes to EERA CCS's mission of accelerating the development and deployment of carbon capture, transport, and storage technologies.