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Partner event 04-06 April 2022 - London, UK

EAGE Workshop on CO2 Geological Storage

The last CO2 Storage workshop was held in 2018 in Utrecht.

Workshop Overview
To meet the Paris Agreement’s ambition on tackling climate change, large scale implementation of CarbonCapture and Storage (CCS) is considered essential. For successful realisation of CCS, it is vital to build confidence that injected CO2 is permanently and safely retained in the sub-surface and that CO2 storage can be deployed at the required scale. This has been investigated in several research initiatives during the last decade and the objective of this workshop is to present key advances made, discuss remaining technology gaps and review a way forward.

Workshop Scope
The workshop aims to examine the learnings gained from the global portfolio of large-scale CCUS projects and how storage-hub concepts may help deliver the massive increases in future CO2 storage volumes. Key technological advances made in areas such as saline aquifer and depleted hydrocarbonfield storage will be reviewed and new developments in monitoring and CO2 utilisation will be presented. The workshop will also examine the benefits and challenges posed by integrating CCUS into the energy and industry ecospheres to help deliver the emissions reductions necessary to reach UNFCC climate goals.
Participant's Profile
Professionals from industry, research institutes and academia, as well as regulators and policy makers, will come together to exchange insights from project experiences, the latest developments, and current and future innovations in technology. We encourage oral presentations and posters exploring all aspects of the transition from demonstration to large-scale CO 2 geological storage. Beyond the geoscience, but within the Workshop Theme, we welcome applications in other fields such as risk communication, social and regulatory issues, and resources required to meet the challenges to safely implement large-scale CCUS.

Practical information


04 Apr 2022 - 06 Apr 2022


9:00 AM - 2:00 PM